Enjoying everyday life, every day

The alarm rings. Wake up, grab coffee. Go shower then get dressed. Wipe the fresh pollen from the windshield (for those of us here in the South). This is what I do Monday thru Friday all throughout the year. Seems really ordinary and mundane doesn’t it? I do not think so at all.

Let’s look at this from another angle. The alarm rang, which means I have somewhere to be. In my case, it is for a job which I enjoy. With thousands unemployed and an astronomical figure who dislike their work, I am blessed. Then there is the fact I got out of bed all on my own. There are millions each day who can only rise out of bed with assistance and those who may end up not arising at all.

I get coffee too? Great tasting coffee at that, along with a nutritious meal. The Third World can testify that this is quite a luxury. Do not even get me started on that I have a reliable, safe vehicle to drive to transport me to aforementioned great job each day. I am living the life, because it is my life. Life is important, people are important.

We often go about our days paying little to no regard for how precious and amazing each one is. I have just compiled a list of things to be thankful from the first two hours of my day. There is so much more to include the from the other 22. Lunch with good friends, laughs with co-workers, dinner with family and a good book to wind down with at night. All the while how I act, what I say and the way I engage others is effecting scores each day. Whether that be in a constructive or destructive way is up to me.

I say all of this to highlight that you are a great story in the making. Each day you are typing away. Your story is filled with so many good occurrences, things that others might be longing to enjoy. Even if you do not have some of the things I mentioned, you have your own list. Maybe you work at a restaurant and do not feel very important. You are important. Your effort gives people a memorable and enjoyable dining experience. You are helping to build a happy birthday or anniversary night. How amazing is that, how amazing are you.

Try to wake up each day and reflect on one thing you like in your life. At the end of the day, reflect and recall one thing you did that you enjoyed or felt proud of. Look at the list at the end of the month and you might be surprised at how many good things will show up and how much good you are doing.

Life is like a box of chocolates, some moments might be darker than others but all of them have some sweetness if you savor long enough.” ~Chris DeWitt

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