Life matters most when you least think it does

If you have read my blogs before, then you have come to the conclusion I try to keep a healthy, balanced perspective on life. I do this by seeing the best in people and circumstances. However, I am prone to discouragement, disillusionment and downright depression like many of you reading this might be. The paradox of these times is that life matters most, just when I think it matters the least.

You might be thinking, “here is another cheesy motivation speech.” As fun as those are, this is not it. I am not talking about “believing in yourself,” “feel good about you” or any other tired moniker. When I am in the deepest of my mind’s trenches, I recall this is where how and why I am living matters most.

By living, I tell the oppressive, degrading forces at work in this world that I am here and under the hand of the Almighty. You can beat me, insult me and spit in my face, but I am not going anywhere. The strength, passion and endurance that I often overlook that has been placed in me is at the forefront pressing on. When things are going well, I am not usually noticing these qualities.

When I am hating myself, my life and think I should just drop off from existence- Jesus is in the corner and crying out “Keep your hands up, I am giving you my strength.” If there is anyone who knows about taking a beating and the importance of staying in a fight, it’s Jesus. Even when I do not believe in Him, He continues to believe in me. I stay upright, moving onward and upward. It is in these times that I realize that my life is worth living.

The fact that I can survive and even thrive under work pressure, family discord and personal health issues is a testament that God wants me around. If He does, I have purpose and that fills me with passion. In his new release “Short Essays on the Spiritual Life: Finding God in the Everyday” Dr. Dominick Hankle highlights how important meaning is to the human person. Without it, we crumble and even can die. For those living for Christ, such never has to be the case. You were created with purpose and mean so much to God He handcrafted you and gave his own life for you. Would the most powerful being in existence make and die for trash? No, no and more no.

You are here to transform lives, take part in literally saving the world and enjoying fellowship with God Himself. No amount of hatred, hardship or horror changes that purpose for you. Take heart, remember your value in God’s eyes. When the world or even your own mind is stomping you into the ground, be humble and taste the dust from which you were made. Then you should look up to the sky and see the heights for which you were created to reach. Creation was no accident, neither are you.

The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”       ~Winston Churchill 

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