The importance of taking a self-inventory

I can remember during my time working at a grocery store when inventory would come. It was one of the most dreaded times of the year, next to Thanksgiving. All the items on the shelf had to be pushed back so they could be properly counted- I mean all of them. After the inventory-taking workers did their job, we had to put everything back to normal. It was tedious. Everybody had to be focused because not sorting out everything as required could result in an incorrect inventory count, which had financial repercussions for the store.

Inventories are a good thing. They show us how much of each item we have. However, they are not limited to stores. People can and should take self-inventories. In 2013, the Cornell Human Resources Review published findings on the usefulness of employers using scales to measure personality and emotional intelligence along with skills-based measuring exams. The ability for such measures to find better suited candidates is astounding. Really gauging a person and measuring their values, traits and skills helps employers find the type of people they are looking for. You should not wait until your next job application process to do such things.

As we experience life, we change and grow constantly. Some things may stay stable, other may decline or increase. Take the time to get to know yourself. Measure your personality traits, your levels of the various types of intelligence, your stress level, your mood, etc. The goal is to see how you have changed and grown over time and where you might need to place your attention.

My concern over this matter drew from the number of peers, myself included, who just set to auto pilot and coast along life. We go to work, have scheduled recreation and hopefully make and reach goals. What are we actually doing though? Are we becoming more well-rounded? More skilled? More content? Do not let the routines and demands of life distract you from doing one of the most important task you have been charged with- bettering the world around you and bettering yourself in the process. This starts with measuring how much of what you got in your tank. Life can drain it. People can be rude and insulting. Tragedies can strike out of nowhere. Look after yourself. Know yourself. Better yourself. Let God fill you up where you have been emptied and let him prune the areas of your life that need improvement. Keep those numbers good.   

If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.                                                                                                                         ~ Sun Tzu

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