Why Letting Go Brings Peace and Pain

Good to be back with you all. I know it’s been a minute. I hope you all have been well. I have had many great new things going on and lots of tasks to do. Amidst all of the great new changes, some things haven’t been so great. Some things have been downright awful. Just like the summer season, there is lots of both rain and sunshine in life. I’ve had to let some things go, some people go. It’s brought me both peace and pain.

I’ve touched on this subject before. I want to talk about it today because of how crucial it is to our well-being and our success. I’ve had some people who I thought were good friends really turn on me lately amidst the success I have been having lately. I’ve been really happy about it. These people took noticed and asked me why. Their demeanor towards me changed, quite drastically I might add. People who were once glad to laugh amid darker times with me and share in life now gave me nothing but cold disposition.

Why is this the case? Well, I talked about it with a dear brother of mine. He said, “These people are just showing who they really are before you move on.” That really hit me. This experience is not unique to me. Think back to times in your life when something went really great or really wrong. How did loved ones respond? People who really love us rejoice in our success and share in our suffering (Romans 12:15). If someone is only there in the good times, they are a moocher. They want to bask in the limelight with you and party it up. The opposite is also true. If someone only wants to mourn with you but turn inward when things are looking up for you, they only want someone to justify and enable their own misery.

Neither type of person is someone you should have in your inner circle. Guard your mind and heart. Surround yourself with genuine people who love you and are glad to be there for you because of that. Don’t ignore red flags. When someone shows you who they really are and what they are really about, believe them. It may hurt, but you will find yourself more at peace when you let them go their own way. Only they can make their growth journey happen. Don’t let them damage you because they refuse to repair their own damages.

In the sunshine we see things as they really are. In the rain, we see how well things hold up. I want to say to all of you that I rejoice for any and all success you’ve had lately. Keep up the great work! To those of you are who working through pain and sorrow, I’m with you. We will see through this together. Do this for others in your life. Be that source of authentic, transforming, awe-inspiring love. You’ll be amazed at what can be accomplished when you do.

As always, please comment and share your experiences on this topic with me. I want to hear from you. I hope to join you all again soon. Until then, take it all in and enjoy the Labor Day holiday.

“Letting go doesn’t mean that you don’t care about someone anymore. It’s just realizing that the only person you really have control over is yourself.” 
― Deborah ReberChicken Soup for the Teenage Soul

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay 

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