Recall Past Triumphs to Overcome Present Challenges

Hello everyone. I hope this post finds you well. I know things are still pretty wild out there. Humanity has indeed survived worse and we will survive this. God is still with us and in control. I wanted to bring up an important lesson I have been revisiting lately to you all. That lesson is recalling how I have overcome the impossible before with God’s help. I have landed job opportunities, received financial blessings that came out of nowhere, and the like.

I am facing many new challenges that I have not experienced before, as many of you are. I want to encourage you today to remember those times when hardships arrived at your doorstep. Did they seem impossible to overcome? Were you hopeless? Did you feel helpless? How did you make it through? I know many of you have made it through some extremely difficult circumstances. Yet, here you are, still standing.

One popular counseling model is the strengths-based approach. In essence, therapists frame the context of challenges their clients are facing in light of their strengths. It focuses on talents, gifts, abilities, and successes to bring clients to the realization they can overcome current difficulties. This approach is effective in our daily life too. It shifts our mindset from “How can I overcome this?” to “I have overcome before and will again.”

I want to share a small narrative that has been brought back to my mind in the midst of my personally difficult time lately:
Not too long after I moved to a new city for a new job, Thanksgiving was coming up. I was pretty low on funds to travel back to see family or do anything else. I was very anxious and felt bad that I wouldn’t get to see them for this very meaningful holiday. I talked to God about it. He told me to keep tithing, regardless of whether I had the money or not. I was fearful, but obeyed. This conversation between God and I took place on the Friday the week before Thanksgiving. On that following Monday, I got a call from a community college I attended back home. I was going to take a course there back in the summer but I had to withdraw. I was owed a refund, but there were some issues with the processing then, so I just forgot about it. The college had called to tell me they found a check for the full refund amount that had gotten lost in some files. Talk about good timing.

God has brought me through before, whether it was something little or big. He will bring me through this. He will bring you through whatever you are going through. Obey what He tells you to do in His Word. Keep doing your part and keep your head up. Remember those past victories. More are on the horizon.

The smile of God is victory ~John Greenleaf Whittier

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Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

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