Facing Uncertainty with Assurance

"Exploring the unknown requires tolerating uncertainty."Brian Greene, theoretical physicist, mathematician, and string theorist You may not be exploring the unknowns of the cosmos like Dr. Greene there, but we all have to face uncertainty. There has been plenty of it going on. I am uncertain when I will be able to fill up my gas … Continue reading Facing Uncertainty with Assurance

Growth and Strength for the Future

Hello dear friends. I am so glad to join you all again for this edition of "Take It In." Today, I want to look at the past and present. I'm no Dr. Who, but I like to keep a broad perspective. What brought me to this theme this week is some personal reflection I was … Continue reading Growth and Strength for the Future

Hope and Healing Amidst Hurt and Hate

Hello dear family. I am so blessed to join you all again. I, like all of you, are disturbed and troubled by the headlines as of late. Two mass shootings just weeks apart. Both senseless, both driven by a hate of fellow human beings. What drives someone to that point is a topic for a … Continue reading Hope and Healing Amidst Hurt and Hate

Staying Well When All Is Not

Hello dear friends. It is wonderful to join you all once again. Today, I am going to get back to my blogging roots so to speak and talk about holistic health and wellness. This important topic is what sparked my passion for blogging and the editorial field. I've been blessed to work with so many … Continue reading Staying Well When All Is Not