Facing Uncertainty with Assurance

"Exploring the unknown requires tolerating uncertainty."Brian Greene, theoretical physicist, mathematician, and string theorist You may not be exploring the unknowns of the cosmos like Dr. Greene there, but we all have to face uncertainty. There has been plenty of it going on. I am uncertain when I will be able to fill up my gas … Continue reading Facing Uncertainty with Assurance

Words of Encouragement to New Grads

Hello friends, hope you are having a good week amidst the continuing madness. There continues to be both good and bad news coming our way about this whole pandemic ordeal. Some places are beginning to open back up, with caution obviously. More testing is in demand and some of the world's most brilliant minds are … Continue reading Words of Encouragement to New Grads

Finding Your Way Back After Loss

It has been a long time, friends. Sorry for my absence. To be honest, I lost my heart not just for this blog, but for writing. Aside from some poems here and there, my writing fire died out. I immersed myself in a new job opportunity and relationship instead. I recently have lost both of … Continue reading Finding Your Way Back After Loss

Timing Is Key

Hello everyone! I've missed you all. It is so great to be back. I have had quite a month. A lot of big changes have been going on in my life lately. I'm in a new city, continuing to master my new job and building a whole new life. It is an exciting, refreshing chapter … Continue reading Timing Is Key

Unexpected Breakthroughs

It's great to be back with you all this week for a new edition of "Take It In." So much has been happening lately. I'm happy to report they are all good things. I got hired for an amazing new job and am moving to an area I really love. It almost seems too good … Continue reading Unexpected Breakthroughs