Healing Starts with Ownership

Hello all! So glad to be with you with week. I apologize for my absence. I may not be bale to post every week like I was doing due to new job responsibilities. However, I will still try to post at least every couple of weeks or so. As always, I encourage you to please … Continue reading Healing Starts with Ownership

Death, Suffering Do Not Destroy Life

Welcome to this week's edition of "Take It In." I wanted to do something a little different and present some poetry I wrote as I made my way through a dark season recently. I've been reading an amazing story, Tuesdays with Morrie, as of late. It has really changed my perspective on living, dying, loving, … Continue reading Death, Suffering Do Not Destroy Life

A Time of Remembrance, Call to Action

It's good to be with you all this week for another edition of "Take It In." A lot has happened in the national news. I am troubled to report on the shooting in my home state at UNC Charlotte. There were also recent shootings in Tennessee and the Poway Synagogue in California. I find it … Continue reading A Time of Remembrance, Call to Action