Amazing Miracles in Everyday Life

Hello everyone, so happy to join you for another week. Firstly, I just want to say thank you to everyone for all of the engagement with the blog as of late. You all are the reason I do this and I am so humbled by the response I am getting. I will do my best … Continue reading Amazing Miracles in Everyday Life

Where Does Suffering Take You?

Does that title have you thinking? I hope so. It sure has had me thinking a lot this past week. My constant prayer throughout my life has been for my experiences to not go in vain. My failures, my mistakes, my pain— I want none of it to go in vain. If they can help … Continue reading Where Does Suffering Take You?

The Power of Loved Ones and Sunshine

Hello friends, I am so glad to join you again this week. I hope you are staying healthy and well. As things begin to open up little by little, I urge you to continue to follow precautions and be safe. I am glad to see the dark cloud of COVID to pass by a bit. … Continue reading The Power of Loved Ones and Sunshine

Words of Encouragement to New Grads

Hello friends, hope you are having a good week amidst the continuing madness. There continues to be both good and bad news coming our way about this whole pandemic ordeal. Some places are beginning to open back up, with caution obviously. More testing is in demand and some of the world's most brilliant minds are … Continue reading Words of Encouragement to New Grads

Recall Past Triumphs to Overcome Present Challenges

Hello everyone. I hope this post finds you well. I know things are still pretty wild out there. Humanity has indeed survived worse and we will survive this. God is still with us and in control. I wanted to bring up an important lesson I have been revisiting lately to you all. That lesson is … Continue reading Recall Past Triumphs to Overcome Present Challenges