Finding Your Way Back After Loss

It has been a long time, friends. Sorry for my absence. To be honest, I lost my heart not just for this blog, but for writing. Aside from some poems here and there, my writing fire died out. I immersed myself in a new job opportunity and relationship instead. I recently have lost both of … Continue reading Finding Your Way Back After Loss

5 Pieces of Advice to New Graduates

Welcome back to the graduation edition of "Take It In." Indeed, graduation season is upon us. To those of you who are finishing studies or have loved ones celebrating this milestone, congratulations. It really is a remarkable achievement. With this achievement, however, comes a lot to think about. You are probably asking "What's next?" Allow … Continue reading 5 Pieces of Advice to New Graduates

Passion and Pain

Glad to see you all for another edition of "Take It In." this week. I pray your week is going well and you are having success and peace. Success and peace are not possible without the two items mentioned in the headline. We find success through passion, and peace through pain. A dear friend and … Continue reading Passion and Pain

No costume needed to become a different person

Halloween is approaching. Regardless of whether or not you “observe” it, the notion of putting on a costume and assuming a different identity has appeal. There is this air of mystique and glamour to it. Why is that the case? Are we not content with who we are? If so, why? Human beings are dynamic … Continue reading No costume needed to become a different person

Find Beauty amid the Grind

The alarm clock rings. You begrudgingly wake up, fix your face and put on your work clothes. You have just enough time to down a cup of coffee and a quick bite then you are out to door. You perform your labor for 8 hours or so (depending on your job). You come home, collapse … Continue reading Find Beauty amid the Grind