5 Pieces of Advice to New Graduates

Welcome back to the graduation edition of "Take It In." Indeed, graduation season is upon us. To those of you who are finishing studies or have loved ones celebrating this milestone, congratulations. It really is a remarkable achievement. With this achievement, however, comes a lot to think about. You are probably asking "What's next?" Allow … Continue reading 5 Pieces of Advice to New Graduates

Remaining thankful, even when life is not so good

Thanksgiving is coming up. It has always been one of my favorite holidays and not just because of the delicious food (though that is convincing). Celebrating our blessings with the ones we love is such a touching, healthy notion. What about when everything falls flat? What about when you are surrounded by hate or conflict? … Continue reading Remaining thankful, even when life is not so good

Find Beauty amid the Grind

The alarm clock rings. You begrudgingly wake up, fix your face and put on your work clothes. You have just enough time to down a cup of coffee and a quick bite then you are out to door. You perform your labor for 8 hours or so (depending on your job). You come home, collapse … Continue reading Find Beauty amid the Grind

Flexibility needed when pursuing success

LinkedIn recently published findings from weforum.org about college majors which produce the best entry-level and median salaries. They were ranked from 1 (being the best) to 50 (being the worst). The STEM and business fields dominated the top spots. It gave me some good insight and sparked some introspection. I reflected on my own studies. … Continue reading Flexibility needed when pursuing success