Busyness Does Not Equal Success

Glad to see you this week for another edition of "Take It In." I hope your week is going well thus far. I recently saw a post on Facebook from a friend. It said something alone the lines of being "busy" is not a badge of honor. This thought has such so impact for our … Continue reading Busyness Does Not Equal Success

Enjoy new life this spring

Welcome to a fresh new edition of "Take It In." We are a week into spring. Can you smell the fresh cut grass, blossoming flowers, and all the other great allergens? Thankfully, I don't have bad allergies so I have been breathing it in deep. We have had some beautiful weather here in North Cakalaky … Continue reading Enjoy new life this spring

Take a step back, take it in

It is so great to be back with you all. Please forgive my absence. It has been an eventful past couple of months. With all that has been happening, it really has reminded me how we need to appreciate what we have in the moment. It is very easy to get frustrated with what we … Continue reading Take a step back, take it in