Cling to Truth When All Else Fails

Welcome to the special Holy Week edition of "Take It In." I hope you are spending the last leg of your Lenten journey well. I encourage you to finish strong. Stick to your vows, stick to your convictions. That brings me to the topic for this week- holding onto truth. Truth is the substance of … Continue reading Cling to Truth When All Else Fails

Enjoy Life’s Detours

Welcome to another edition of "Take It In." Today, I want to explore a facet of life where "taking it in" is really helpful. I am talking about when life gets all topsy turvy, non-linear, and just plain crazy. These are those times when you are not where you think you should be. You don't … Continue reading Enjoy Life’s Detours

3 Ways to Stay Strong in the Job Hunt

Being unemployed or underemployed is no fun. I have found myself in both categories. Those were some of the most miserable times of life. There is financial worry, personal doubts and overall great uncertainty. You worry how will you pay the bills, am I doing something wrong or am I not a good candidate? I … Continue reading 3 Ways to Stay Strong in the Job Hunt