When Love Just Isn’t Enough

Long time no see dear friends. It has been quite some time, and that is totally on me. To be honest, I just lost my passion for this blog. I've been involved with a new position and writing for other passion projects. But with everything going on in the world and everything that has happened … Continue reading When Love Just Isn’t Enough

The Power of Loved Ones and Sunshine

Hello friends, I am so glad to join you again this week. I hope you are staying healthy and well. As things begin to open up little by little, I urge you to continue to follow precautions and be safe. I am glad to see the dark cloud of COVID to pass by a bit. … Continue reading The Power of Loved Ones and Sunshine

Finding Your Way Back After Loss

It has been a long time, friends. Sorry for my absence. To be honest, I lost my heart not just for this blog, but for writing. Aside from some poems here and there, my writing fire died out. I immersed myself in a new job opportunity and relationship instead. I recently have lost both of … Continue reading Finding Your Way Back After Loss

Do Breakups Have to Be Ugly?

Welcome to this week's edition of "Take It In." I haven't talked about romantic relationships specifically in awhile. They have been a big deal since humankind began (obviously). To specify, I am focusing on relationships between significant others, not marriages (that is a whole other beast to tackle). In regards to these relationships, one of … Continue reading Do Breakups Have to Be Ugly?

Why Are Relationships So Hard?

Welcome to this week's edition of "Take it In." Hopefully, the headline for this week really grabbed your attention. The topic has had my attention for years. Relationships are tough. That is pretty common human knowledge. They do not start when we start dating or have our first significant other at 17 or what have … Continue reading Why Are Relationships So Hard?